Saturday, April 6, 2013


Ashley promised me two weeks of vacation awhile ago and we were finally able to do it a few weeks ago. We went on a dream vacation of mine. We arrived in Paris and immediately took a train with no problems to Monaco, where our trip would begin. I must say thanks to Ashley, without her fluent French I would have gone insane.

We stayed in Monaco for two days, enjoying the high life and nice weather. That was our relaxation part of the trip as the rest of the trip would be spent with lots of walking and exploring.

Then we took another train trip to Milan for another two days. I didn't really have anything major to do in the city, but Ashley thoroughly enjoyed the shopping and cafes.

Then to Venicie for 3 days, which I found so fun. All the wonderful architecture and grand buildings. The walks we had around the city were amazing, along with the wonderful food, I was in paradise. It was also when I really realized how much fun it was knowing the language while my wife could do nothing! NOTHING! Now she knows how I feel when we go to places I don't know the language.

We spent only a day in Florence, it's a shame, but it was fun. Much more laid back and again, the exploring walks were amazing.

4 Days in Rome was not enough, not nearly enough to see everything I wanted to see and do. Just wonderful Roman buildings, sites and museums. Some of the funnest days I've ever had on vacation. My particular highlight was visiting the Mausoleum of Augustus and sitting around the city center of ancient Rome. All while having some of the best conversations with Ashley that I've ever had. I just wish I could go again very soon and bring the girls when they are older.

We finished the trip with two days in Naples and a wonderful day trip to Pompeii.

I wish I could go back with my daughters, maybe when they are older and don't find entertainment with destruction. Someday...


Frank said...

I'll see your two weeks in Italy and raise you my trip to...Orlando!

Ashley said...

Well entertainment with destruction might have been the perfect attitude for the colosseum! :)

I'm going to Italy quite soon (a month?) and can't wait for all of this!

prin said...


Ashley said...

And after rereading this post again, I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Rome. And I have this intense hunger to go back!!