Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre-Child and Post Child.

When I found out I was going to be a dad, which feels like eons ago. You go into the situation thinking how you're going to be a cool dad and be all laid back no matter what their mom says. Then reality sinks in, these "children" are insane.

For awhile while the twins were learning to walk, their heads seemed to have a magnetic attraction to any thing that could hurt them. Then you realize a child swearing like a sailor isn't as... entertaining in public as you might originally think it is. Then you become the average parent, through moments of soul killing embarrassment and child accidents.

I have more locks in my house now than I ever thought I could imagine or need. Still that doesn't stop the destructive twosome from trying to force open the random drawer or shelf. Do you know what I'm protecting them from. Small easily losable items and movies. God forbid if I leave the PG-13 and up shelf open. God forbid.

Still even with all this safety and sanity changes I like to think my girls are ahead of the pack from their PC classmates in preschool.

Still though, I like to know they can't find my hammer anymore...

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