Friday, December 28, 2012

End of Year Update.

I have been fairly MIA the past month or so, though you may notice that I've been stalking you all from time to time, dependent on what I'm doing.  So here are some updates on the family and the old homestead.

- Unlike the past two years I wasn't an idiot and plan my end of the year work stuff in Japan for a day before Christmas.
- I finished the home theater in the giant ass space in the basement. 10 incredibly plush seats with cup holders and a giant screen for the HD projector. We inaugurated this momentous accomplishment by showing the twins Princess Bride for the first time. They've been quoting the movie non-stop for 3 weeks. We are very pleased.
- Unlike the last few years, we were a convoy of two instead of three this year. Ashley's BFF went to England to visit her husband's family. We were nearly alone in making the long trek to the great North.
- For somebody who is incredibly polite to everyone, somehow my mom makes enough backhanded compliments to Ashley to drive her to the drink. Cause I just love carrying my drunk wife around.
- Sydney may just be a baby but she misses her best friend. My cat used to only like me, but she now loves Sydney for some reason. I always find the kitty snuggling with her, I think its cute, Ashley thinks the cat is still evil.
- We have finally set a date for our 3 week trip to Italy and Southern France next year. We'll be going from mid-June till July. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Not much else to say...


Frank said...

If you kids are going to incessantly quote a movie, you'd be hard pressed to do better than Princess Bride.

Ashley said...

Princess are an amazing father!

Italy and France? Niiiiiice :)