Thursday, October 4, 2012

Short History of the Johnson Family (My dad's side)

Records are a little sketchy from my paternal family pre-1850's. Pretty much we know that they originally hailed from County Antrim in the North of Ireland and that Paul Johnston immigrated to the US after surviving the famine. We don't really know if he had any siblings or not, but judging by the rest of the family history in America, we can easily say he didn't much like his family.

He immigrated a country in despair and came to a country at war with itself in 1862. Where he signed up to fight in the Civil War in an Irish regiment. Which started a long continuing tradition of men in the family fighting in every single major American war.

After the war he went to live with the large Irish population in Boston, met a nice Irish girl and got married. Then for some reason, which my grandmother attributes to the fact that he came to America not to be surrounded by Irish people. So he moved West to Minneapolis where there was only a small Irish population in the area, pretty much Scandinavians who moved to Minnesota cause it felt like home.

Then he changed his name to Johnson and had one son.

He fought in the Indian wars, came home and married a nice Irish girl.

His sons fortunately didn't fight in any wars, but began the family business of construction and carpentry and married some nice Irish girls.

Two of their sons fought in WWI, the only son to marry, married you guessed it, a nice Irish girl.

One of their sons, my grandfather fought in both WWII in the Pacific and the Korean war which kind of turned him into a racist, but I won't get into that. He too married a nice Irish girl, who in her later years had the habit of throwing candy at her many grandchildren.

My Father fought in Vietnam for two tours, before coming home and marrying a nice Japanese girl. The family was confused.

They had two sons and two daughters. One son fought in the Gulf War and is insane. One daughter lives in her own little world. The youngest daughter lives in Boston and has a problem with boys.

One son met a nice German girl and moved to the South. Where they had three daughters...

Including one who pulled down daddy's pants in public and shamed the family.

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