Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Win.

Ashley is from Wisconsin, I'm from Minnesota. We also enjoy sports to almost an unhealthy degree, not to the fantasy football level, but just below that. Now we Minnesotan's are pretty laid back when it comes to hating other sports teams. Not like that rhombus of hate that Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Chicago/Illinois make up. We're like the fifth wheel of upper Midwest states.

Mainly cause we haven't had a good college team outside of hockey in decades. We're a professional sports state, mainly the Minnesota Twin and Minnesota Vikings. Now as a lifelong, die hard Vikings fan I've never had a real problem with the Bears or with the Lions, other than making fun of the Detroit Kittens. I've never had a real personal hate issue with any professional team, except for one.

The Green Bay Packers.

I was raised to hate that team and hate anyone involved with that team.

Then I had to get married to a girl who bleeds green and gold. Then we had to have children, girls who would no doubt follow their mom in loving the Packers. Cause who wants to cheer for the most cursed team in football, when they can cheer for the happy Packers and all their championships. Though, they can't resist the Minnesota Twins, their twins, it's impossible.

So now I must describe the usual Sunday set-up. Ashley and I do not watch football together, cause we both make snarky comments about eachother's teams. Now it used to be that the girls would just do whatever they wanted and didn't care about football, but now they've grown a bit and are getting interested.


Every Sunday game this year, they've watched the game with me and ignored mommy. Mommy is all by herself in her Rogers jersey.

Every now and then, she'll pop in on us and say,

"Don't you girls want to watch with mommy?"

Then she is coldly refused.

They may look like her and act like her, but their my little Vikings fans!

Which means at Christmas my father-in-law will spend every waking moment trying to turn them. I must be on my guard.

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Frank said...

I would heap scorn upon you for making fun of my team, but...well...we kind of bring it upon ourselves.

I however have a certain fondness for Green Bay. Since most years the Lions are incapable of beating the Bears (whom I hate), the Packers become my surrogate team whenever they travel to Chicago and beat up on Cutler and his loser friends.