Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've been busy, the only kind of busy dads deal with... So here's an update.

- The twins started preschool, or the Waterloo of the school debate with Ashley. For months we've been going backward and forward about home school or, well a private school. It's getting harder and harder to say that I'm a liberal... Anyways the twins and Ashley were all against going to school. My platform was my friend who was home schooled, 26, no college degree, not working, no social skills and living at home. Her platform was that they grew inside of her, which funnily enough became a joke in a sitcom. Then the uniforms for the school showed up and the twins liked their skirts and then I won.

- School has been tough for the twins, they aren't well, the most social of animals. They are making friends, but according to the teacher they are really quiet and don't like being a part of the "group." It could be worse, they could be stealing food from smaller children, who then cry to their dad.

- Learning sign language is tough...

- My office has become my little home away from home, inside my home. Where a sexy blonde lady comes and goes, often talking about her children.

- Scotch is my after work friend.

- My BFF got engaged to his longtime girlfriend who is also a good friend with Ashley and her BFF. Which means wedding stuff keeps appearing in my house. It's like my Vietnam all over again. The screaming, the crying... *fetal position*

- I've been working on a large home renovation in my spare time. We don't use one giant room in our basement, so I was thinking of turning it into a big old home theater (again hard to say I'm liberal). It was a secret till the terrible twosome found out and told mommy. Now I've got Ashley obsessing about what kind of couches and theater seats we should get. I just wanted a big screen so I can play vidya games...

- Special dog is still special, Sophie still sleeps all day and the cat is in love with Sydney, which is odd cause she is scared of the twins and hates Ashley.


Frank said...

I've always wanted to like scotch but I've found it disgusting every time I've tried it. There's just something so manly about it. I want to come home from work and say, "honey, I'm going to go on the deck and smoke my pipe and drink scotch."

But then she'll say, "you don't smoke...you don't even own a pipe...and didn't you gag and cry the last time you tried to drink scotch?"

Ashley said...

I agree that kids need to be in schools socializing and working with humans on a daily basis. It's how life is.

Yeah on the home theatre! Sorry about second Vietnam :)