Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sad News...

When little Sydney was born they gave the baby the hearing test, the results didn't look good. But it was simply a cue something might be wrong with her hearing, nothing concrete. We were given a list of things to look for and we've been bringing her to more checkups than the twins ever had to go to.

Finally we did another test today and found out that she doesn't have much if any hearing in one of her ears and some in the other.

It's tough to be in this kind of situation, but we intend to make the best of it. She may not speak till much later in life, she may not be able to be like other kids, but we will try our best to make sure she feels just like any other kid.

It all starts with the two of us learning sign language and teaching the twins as well. We don't look at this as a horrible circumstance of life, we love our youngest and if that means we have to change, it's not a chore or job, but an opportunity.

I love our little girl no matter what.

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Ashley said...

I'm sure her life will still be quite full. She'll just experience life in a different way. I understand it's hard as a parent, but you have a good outlook on the situation...all Sydney needs is your love ;)