Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doing What You Love.

People who are generally in jobs they don't like or feel somehow incomplete in their lives. They always say, they wish they could do something that they love for a living. I have the wonderful luck to not only be doing what I love but becoming known and respected in the business. Yet I've run into a problem, well not so much a problem but a weird existential dilemma.

When I went into college, fully knowing that athletics was no longer a viable option after my shoulder injury. I had to make a decision...

By the time I graduated high school, through a special program in the twin cities. I had already completed all my college general credits and even finished my major in history. Then I had a decision to make, what to go to graduate school for. Between history and film I chose at the time what I had more passion for. Thus I got my two degree in my chosen field and luckily have found great success.

Now though, I find my personal interest kind of waning. I still find fun and interest in what I do, but I've lost some of the passion and personal interest.

I'm finding when I'm home or I have free time I really don't watch movies or even write. I go off read a book on history, look up history and all kinds of history related things. My hobby is collecting ancient Roman coins for gods sake.

So a part of me wonders if I made the right decision, or if I would be in the same situation if I had gone the other way.

I know this sounds like a privileged person person complaining, which it is, but the back of my mind always kind of wonders. I have done one thing, I have taken a few classes and could technically through weird college credit transfers, get a bachelors in ancient history.

It might sedate the bug for awhile...


MJenks said...

I would totally go back and get a Classics major if I could. At least then I would have done something that I liked, rather than having several degrees hanging over my head that are now almost as "worthless" as a Classics degree (as deemed by my mother) and in a field that I absolutely hated studying.

Oh well.

My wife has told me that I should get a degree in Classics, go back to school, enjoy myself. Fortunately for me, there's a couple of decent programs around here.

Now, just to find the time...

Ashley said...

Yes you could get a second bachelors without haveing to general ed again :)

Go for it!