Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One word, wow.

Wow is Ashley's go to word when I do something immature, weird or just about anything out of the norm. It's short for, "Wow, why did I marry you again?" She's not being hostile with it, it's just her way of thinking. Here are some examples:

- Ashley: Brian your dog is in your garden again.
Me: NOT MY CUCUMBERS! *runs screaming like a girl*
Ashley: Wow...

- Any talk of buying a motorcycle.

- Me: Don't call the exterminator I'll take care of the hornet nest. *picks up rake*
Ashley: Aren't you allergic to their stings?
Me: Only a little.
Ashley: Wow...

- "I can jump that."

- Whenever Ashley finds my candy stashes.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

candy stashes? haha...you'd think you were in fat camp.

How great that you have a garden!