Monday, July 30, 2012

One of my All Time Favorite Movies.

I first saw this movie on the last day of school of 7th grade. My English teacher who also directed the school play was a huge musical fan. Now being a preteen boy filled with the beginnings of hormones and not sure what to do with them, this generally got translated into being macho and violence against other boys. Then here comes this woman telling us we're going to watch a musical, she says the title and the girls are all happy, the boys, confusion.

I loved every minute of the movie, my male friends liked one scene and pretty much resorted to throwing stuff at each other.

The music is perfect and someone else described it as the perfect escape movie. It's all entertainment and wonderful songs and even better dances. It really began a life long love of musicals, introducing me to movies that I love, Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man and Man From La Mancha. This began that obsession.

When dating a new girl a lot of guys show a movie they love and judge the girls response. Ashley already loved it, which was a good sign.

I show it in my film history class as a fun break movie because it shows a lot of the history of film in America.

It's one of those movies that once my girls are old enough, I'll love showing it to them.

It's Singing in the Rain. One of my favorites.

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Ashley said...

I watched that in ages, but remember really taking to it as a child. There's something to be said for adult films capturing a child's attention. You're inspiring me to watch it again soon.