Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Suddenly Parents.

I've never been terribly close to my parents, as an adult living halfway across the country you would think would make things worse. After the twins and now Sydney, my parents are like a piece of iron to our magnet. Which is understandable, grand kids and all. That's fine in my opinion as long as they are halfway across the country and at arms length. Which leads to this...

My dad is retiring at the end of this year, he's worked at the family business since he was my age. My mom has been retired for a little over a year since she sold her stake in the businesses she partly owned. Like most people who live in Minnesota they decide they might like to move to a new location for retirement. Colorado, Arizona and Florida are popular options for old Minnesotans for some reason. Not my parents though.

My mom who grew up on a tiny tropical island in Japan, she has wanted to live by the ocean for awhile. Well guess who lives in a moderately sized city on the coast? We do.

My parents want to move to Savannah to be around us.

Ashley is not pleased. Nor am I, but not not as much as Ashley. See Ashley hates my mom, or as she would describe it, "I would rather not be around her, at all, ever." My mom, well she doesn't hate Ashley, but she's not in favor of her in the least.

I believe one of the reasons they are planning on moving down here is that we are very close to Ashley's parents and they feel a little jealous. The other reasons seem to be because they are old and want to be good grandparents, spend time with the kids and try to be good with us.

Ugh... Parents.

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