Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pecking Order.

This is what, until recently I thought the pecking order of the house was. In terms of who controls the most in the house.

1. The cat (more on this in another post).
2. Ashley/Me.
3. The Twins.
4. Baby Sydney.
5. The Dogs (it's not that they can't control more, they just don't care).

Then this happened tonight approx. 8:15 EST.

I walk into the den and see the twins watching Sesame Street (I say they can't watch TV, but some special programs are allowed), before going to bed.

Me: Sorry girls but I kinda want to watch the game.

Minnesota Twins games aren't shown locally so I watch through the PS3, which they were using for Sesame Street. I then proceed to turn their show off and turn on baseball, it was 15 minutes until their bedtime, they'll survive.

Very calmly, they both get off the couch and walk into another room. This can be heard in the other room:

Twins: *Something in French*
Ashley: *Something in French*

Ashley and the Twins come back in the room.

Me: What's up?
Ashley: Turn it back to Sesame Street, it's their time with the TV right now.
Me: But--
Ashley: Now.

I surrender the TV back to the Twins.

Katie: Thanks mommy!
Ami: Bye Daddy!

They had the biggest smiles on their faces afterwards.

Real pecking order:

1. The cat.
2. Ashley.
3. The Twins.
4. Sydney.
5. The dogs.
6. Me.

One of these days the power will be back in my hands, I control the money. Thus I control the children. BWAHAHAHA!

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Ashley said...

hahahaha...I love this post completely :)