Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese Food.

There's one thing that I really don't like in the world of American cuisine. The weirdly Americanized Japanese cuisine that permeates every big city. Pretty much every Japanese restaurant in the US is a sushi place that maybe has some "Japanese" dishes on its menu. Generally tempura of some kind, teriyaki something and maybe some generic noodles.

This may seem like a similar problem with American Chinese food, but they really don't pretend it's authentic anymore, so I have no problems with it. Generally I find if there is a Japanese chef and Japanese owners, it'll be better, but more expensive.

Anyways, Ashley wanted some Japanese and she kept driving home the point that the girls haven't had any since they were babies and that they can't remember it anymore. So I found a place that had good reviews and we went there last night for dinner. First good sign was there were two Japanese sushi chefs working and a hostess with a Japanese accent. Second good sign no metal utensils and only chopsticks, which caused much distress with the twins. Third good sign was they had one of my favorite meals, Unadon, which is a sweet grilled eel over rice. Eel tastes a lot like a less fishy salmon and is awesome.

Then came the best part of the night, trying to teach the twins how to use chopsticks. Being very shy it was a lot harder for them, because they kept whispering questions to me. As they slowly learned, they went through the stages of normal learning chopsticks. Including, using a stick in each hand to pick stuff up, throwing them and eventually stab the food with them. They kind of got it as the meal went on.

Ashley sampled all kinds of sushi which she claims was just okay, wasn't as good as the same kind at a fast food sushi place in Tokyo. Her noodles were a lot better she said and upon trying them, I agreed with her. My Unadon, while having the right sauce appeared to be cooked on a griddle or something.

Thus comes the highlight of my night as a dad.

Now we took this opportunity to have our girls only talk to us in Japanese as a game. Since they are mostly fluent it was fine with them. We soon found out our waitress was a Japanese teenager and I did ask her about why my food wasn't grilled. She said it had something to do with the fact that they couldn't do it in their kitchen or something. Then she noticed Ami and Katie speaking Japanese. Now it's pretty a pretty strange sight considering they're only 3, blonde and have blue eyes.

She thought they were so adorable, but the twins being shy stopped talking, even with all my insisting it was alright. They just buried their faces into my shirt. Apparently the waitress told the owner about us and she came over with some sweets for the girls. This made them warm up a little and start talking.

The owner was so enthralled by them, that she gave them a free desert and spent 20 minutes talking to them.

My girls are little charmers.

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Ashley said...

awwwwww...how adorable. Little blondies speaking Japanese is definitely a sight to see!