Sunday, May 6, 2012

Damaged Goods.

It's no secret that I've come from a situation that some polite people might call, "domestic problems." At least in my situation, I can't speak for everyone who grew up in the same situation, I had and still to a degree have a problem trusting people. Which is a real problem when you're out in the world dating girls who are all crazy, cause for some reason that makes them even more attractive. It feels like a never ending cycle of idiocy that you just can't escape from. My younger sister kind of has the same problem, but when you date crazy guys, things can turn out terrible. As opposed to girl crazy, where it mostly just manifests in property damage of some kind. The two stabbings do not of course fall into this category.

There arose a point during the courting process with Ashley, where that inevitable time in one of my relationships occurred. That wonderful time where in some part of my brain, I decided it was a good time to totally screw up this relationship thing that was going pretty well. Kinda decided to totally bail on some dates in favor of getting drunk alone. I know the thought process of a truly stable individual.

I didn't return calls or text messages, I kinda just dropped off the face of the Earth when it came to Ashley for a few weeks. From the text messages and voice mails, it was really bothering her. A few days in she resorted to visiting the apartment every now and then. Also to using my friends to get me to tell her what was going on. Since I was in full self destruction mode, I just shrugged it all off and went back to drinking.

Now when I said that she stopped by the apartment, I mean more that she passed by in her locked car with the windows rolled up. See to a girl raised in suburbia, where I was living might constitute it being a bad neighborhood. Which it wasn't, minus the guy that stabbed a bunch of people a year earlier, but he was caught.

So my BFF who was my roommate was so kind to report to Ashley that I was home at the moment and slowly sinking into a whiskey induced depression. So around 11 pm I started receiving tons of calls from Ashley. Voice mails left after the calls told me she was outside and wouldn't leave unless I talked to her.

So knowing she would only leave her car if she knew I was going to let her into the apartment. I looked out my window to see if I could see her car parked in front of the building. Low and behold, there she was, on the sidewalk, in the middle of the night staring right back up at me. Then a homeless guy with a trash bag walked by and as secretly as she could, she moved to a safe distance.

She wasn't going to leave, she'll stay out there all night. Granted it was a really nice night weather wise, but this was big for the girl I had been dating for 6 months. So I finally let her in and we hashed it all out.

At this point she didn't know about the damaged goods that she had unwittingly accepted when she decided to date me. So I informed her and the rest just kinda goes on from there.

Now she calls me out on my self-destruction tendencies, so it all works out.

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Ashley said...

We're all damaged goods in one way or another. It's nice to hear about the bond between you and ashley, and especially nice to hear the guy's side of things.