Monday, May 14, 2012

Dad Code.

As most gatherings with close personal friends goes with us, the men and women eventually separate themselves to talk about subjects. So my BFF and my wife's BFF's husband who is also a very good friend are sitting inside drinking and generally pretending we aren't 13 year old boys living in adult bodies. Ashley and the two other ladies were out on the back porch watching the kids. The topic of a certain smoke making plant came up.

Friend 1: Before I started dating *name redacted* I used to smoke--

Ashley's BFF walks in for a second to get something from another room.

Friend 1: *monotone voice* --Tobacco related products every weekend.

All three women are inside the house now, but unwilling to stop the conversation there. We pick up on the code.

Friend 2: Brian, remember the hookah we had for *monotone voice* tobacco related products.
Me: Oh yeah, we used to use it for our *monotone* tobacco related products all the time.
Friend 1: You guys had a hookah to use your *montone* tobacco related products?
Friend 2. Yeah, a store across the street from our old apartment sold them cheap. He would also sell other *monotone* tobacco related product supplies.
Me: I miss *monotone* tobacco related products.

From other room.

Ashley's BFF: We know what you idiots are talking about so shut up already!

Me: She broke the code... We aren't very intelligent are we?
Friends: Nope.

Dad codes are genius in their simplicity or just idiotic, one of those two.

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