Thursday, May 31, 2012


You know you work in the entertainment world when your business phone has over 100 contacts in it. 12 of which are named John. Pretty much to get work, hammer out a business deal or just much about, you need to know the right people. Failing that, know the people who know the right people. Contacts are just as important to me as a car is to a pizza delivery guy.

Then again I sometimes abuse these friendly contacts for much needed laughs. Here are some examples:

- I asked for a signed photo of Flipper. I got a napkin dipped in a water glass.
- Candy, so much expensive candy!
- I never buy lunch while on business trips.
- I got a subway gift card mailed to me overnight across the country. It was for 5$ the delivery was somewhere around 35$. I win at business.
- Free drinks at bars.
- Free movies.
- The ability to make teenage kids at movie theaters confused as to why a Screenwriter's Guild member wishes to see the Smurfs.
- Strange packages delivered to my home just to scare Ashley. A good example would be a soft package delivered by UPS, with a strange rod sticking out of it. It was a t-shirt for a movie with a tube sticking out of it.

and my favorite.

- A VIP private sweet, with private waitress, no cover charge and free drinks at a 250$ cover charge per person night club in San Diego. Where we proceeded to play airplane chess on a board brought in her purse...

We have weird hobbies.


Film T-shirts said...

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Ashley said...

Which club in SD? ha.

soooo, you used to be a professor...what is the occupation now?