Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

I told you I'm going to start reviewing bad movies. So let me start off with a review of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. Obviously the most famous of the five different Silent Night, Deadly Night movies. Mainly cause a 20 second snippet hit Youtube and has become a major hit.


Anyways, I've been well aware of the movies series, I saw the first one awhile back. Mainly cause it was very controversial. Many parents had a hard time with a movie about a guy dressed up as Santa killing people. In the end it was a pretty mediocre slasher flick, that almost certainly promised a sequel, when the brother of the killer spouted out the infamous killer's trademark quote. If you are interested, the quote is, "naughty".

Essentially the plot of the second movie, is Richard the younger brother of the previous movie, is in a mental hospital where he is questioned by a psychologist. Apparently he went on a killing spree after finally snapping. Big shock there. So he retells the story of his brother and eventually gets to his own murders, which I might add, aren't that creative, except for the car battery one. Eventually he breaks loose from the hospital and starts on another killing spree. This time dressed like Santa.

Now, this movie is very well known for being very bad, but for all the right reasons. It's such bad acting (see video) and so weird, it's unintentionally hilarious. Then again some things cannot be overlooked. Here's a list:

- The movie is only 80 minutes long, not a good sign by any means.
- 30 minutes of that is flashbacks to the first movie.
- The location of the movie goes from a small Midwestern town, to L.A. with no explanation.
- The man can lift up a 200 pound man with one hand, but gets taken down by getting shot.
- Stroke = Leprosy.
- Total lack of depth perception by the victims. The example being, the first victim looks into the front seat of his car, two seconds later, the killer is in the car and runs him over.
- It's unintentionally hilarious.
- 18th century orphanages run in the 20th century.
- The main character is enraged by all things red, thus he is a bull.
- The killing sprees are hilarious, let me make a sub list of the more hilarious deaths in the movie:
- Death by sledding down hill.
- Death by car battery in mouth.
- Death by umbrella.
- Death by car radio antenna.
- Car gets blown up by single shot to the front grill.

Honestly, if you were ever going to get your hands on this movie (the movie is currently out of print), the last 25 minutes is a laugh riot.


Frank said...

Are you going to do commentary Mystery Science Theater 3000 style??

Jidai said...

If you're interested, look up Rifftrax, the MST3K guys still do commentary on movies, but on mainstream Hollywood movies.